About Dr. Caitlin Watson

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Dr Caitlin grew up in Dunblane where she went to high school and then moved to Newcastle in 2014 to start university.  Five years later, she graduated as a dentist from the University of Newcastle (BDS 2019), with awards for both restorative dentistry and root canal treatment.


Caitlin moved back to Scotland after University, where she completed her vocational training year in Linlithgow. She has worked in both NHS and private dentistry settings for 3 years and  has found a passion for facial aesthetics and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. 

Further Training

  • Invisalign provider
  • Foundation & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Practitioner
  • Zo Skin medical skincare provider
  • Currently undergoing a year long diploma in restorative dentistry in London

Why choose Dr Caitlin...

My goal is simple: to provide cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics treatments in a safe and relaxed environment 

I focus on smile makeovers utilising what your teeth already have to offer whilst improving their cosmetic appearance. This is mostly through minimally invasive procedures such as invisalign (clear braces to move your teeth into better positions/straighten them), brightening the colour with whitening and then finishing touches with composite bonding. Most of the treatments include no injections/damage to your own teeth. 


I have a passion for minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry using the latest techniques and materials. I am certified in the use of Invisalign clear aligners and am always striving to improve and enhance the treatments I can offer to my patients. I am constantly improving my skills by undergoing further higher education in the form of a restorative diploma and invest a lot of my time and finances into courses to improve my skillset which my patients can benefit from. 

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Facial Aesthetics

Medically trained in advanced botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures, I focus on enhancing my patients natural features in a discreet and safe clinical environment. 

I am passionate about removing the stigma surrounding facial aesthetics procedures for both men and women. My patients can be assured that they are in safe hands and as always provided with the highest level of patient confidentiality. 

Where to find me

You will find me at Millersneuk Dental Practice in Lenzie on the outskirts of Glasgow (Monday, Thursday and Friday). 

Contact me

To book a free consultation or to simply ask me a question, please fill in your information below. 

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