Teeth Whitening in Glasgow

Teeth Whitening Results

What To Expect

Step 1

3D scans are taken of your teeth to create custom made whitening trays individual to you

Step 2

Gradual at home whitening for 2- 3 weeks for maximum results

Step 3

Individual syringes of product can be purchased for maintaining your whitening every year using your trays for years to come


Most frequent questions and answers

As the process is gradual, sensitivity is minimised and I always recommend using a sensitive toothpaste in the morning and night such as sensodyne or colgate pro-relief. 

All highly staining food and drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, curry should be avoided for the duration of treatment and for 2 weeks after to maximise results

As the process is gradual, you will start to see results from day 3, with maximum results at 2/3 weeks.

This is case specific due to your lifestyle and eating habits. If you have a diet high in pigmented foods and drinks, you will need to whiten again sooner.  On average, results last a year at which point you could purchase a single syringe to bring your teeth back up to their previous lighter shade. 

Products such as whitening toothpastes and products bought on the internet do not have the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (HP) required to lighten your teeth. The highest level of HP allowed legally over the counter is 0.1% in the UK. Dentists are the only professionals legally allowed to prescribed medical grade tooth whitening (6% HP). Over the counter products are only allowed to include abrasives to remove surface staining, rather than actually whiten your teeth. 

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